How To Pick a Door Lock

How to Pick a Door LockHaving the knowledge of how to pick a door lock is an advantageous skill that may just prove to be priceless one day. After all, who among us has never found himself or herself locked out of his or her own apartment or home?

Most people carry at least five to ten keys with them whenever they step out. These keys may range from car keys to house keys to room keys to door keys. The main reason that we have keys is to open locks. And the reason that we have locks is for security purposes. But how is it that in the movies, burglars and detectives can pick door locks in the blink of an eye?

If you ever find yourself in a situation that calls for this skill, forget calling the locksmith and read on. For whatever purpose you may wish to learn how to pick a door lock, this article will tell you exactly how.

How to Pick A Doorknob Lock

Whether you are dealing with a Schlage Deadbolt or any other type of domestic doorknob, there is always a way around these locks and how to pick them.

  1. Before anything else, assess the door lock carefully and thoroughly.
  2. Find out if it is a turn-style knob lock, deadbolt, padlock, or doorknob-style lock.
  3. Doorknob-style locks are the easiest to pick as they are installed externally from the actual door.
  4. Doorknob-style locks with push buttons can be picked with the use of a hair pin, needle or paper clip.
  5. Paper clips need to be straightened first prior to usage.
  6. Next, insert the ‘pick’ into the hole and prod carefully until you hear a click or gear shift.
  7. It is best to be as quiet as possible during the process so you can easily hear this sound.

How to Pick A Turn-Style Lock

  1. Turn-style knob locks can be picked open with the use of a flat sided hair pin.
  2. What you need to do is push the hair pin into the hole on the front of the door knob
  3. Then twist the knob.
  4. This should unlock the door.
  5. If that doesn’t work, you can also try using a dull knife and inserting it between the door frame and the lock.
  6. This motion pushes the small metal bar in and bypasses the lock. The door should then swing open.

Tools to Pick a Door Lock

Another tool that can come in handy when learning how to pick a door lock is a small flat screw driver. You can insert the screw driver into the lock, pull up and turn. If you wish to minimize the damage on the door/door knob as much as possible, cards are all very useful. These can be credit cards, ID cards, membership cards, library cards, discount cards, etc. These can be used in the same fashion as the dull knife technique mentioned earlier.

All in all, the art of learning how to pick a door lock is relatively simple and mastery can be achieved in this regard. However, it is important to keep in mind early on that a considerable amount of patience will be required as you practice and eventually perfect this skill.

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